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Here is a peek into a few of the projects we have completed over the years. At McCann’s Building Movers, we are proud to have handled some very popular building relocations that created history. Read through the synopsis of each move we executed to understand what we are capable of doing. Contact our team and get a quote for your project in Alberta.

  • Nimmons Residence is being prepared for the move
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    Nimmons Residence

    One of Calgary’s oldest homes built in 1898 by William Nimmons, once a ranch named 3 D Bar Ranch, is being moved to make way for a redevelopment project. William Nimmons also owned Nimmons Brickworks & Nimmons Sandstone quarry in which the beautiful 123 year old brick/stone work came from. This two and half storey, Queen Anne Style landmark of Bankview was designated a Registered Historic Resource by the province in 1978. Coming in at a staggering 400,000+ lbs this beautiful home was moved within the property, in 3 separate stages, in order to build an 84 unit rental. The building will eventually be used as commercial space and be around for another 100+ years.

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  • An old picture of Steeves House
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    Steeves House Move

    This was the family home of Fred and Amy Steeves of Hoadley. Originally a store and post office, opened in 1913, in the village of Haverigg (Hoadley was Haverigg until the railroad came that far up the Blindman Valley in 1922). Later it was moved approximately two miles by seventeen head of horses to one and one half miles east of Hoadley on highway 611.


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  • The 2-storey Mammoth house is being moved in parts on two different trailers
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    Mammoth Move out of SW Calgary!

    After months and months of trying to get this beautiful 2 story house moved, multiple cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen issues couldn’t stop it. This stunning 2700 Sq.Ft 2 story was finally moved on January 23, 2020 at 12:01 AM to it’s new foundation about 10 Km away. With a width of 52 feet, length of 60 feet and height of 32 feet the huge 90 ton house was going to be moved come hell or high water.


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  • Several trailers move the houses after the 2013 flood in High River, Alberta
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    2013 Flood – High River, AB

    The government of Alberta stepped in and provided maps showing the flood way, flood fringe and overland flood areas based on the information gathered after the flood. Anyone living in the flood way would be offered a buy outs for their properties from the government to prevent this kind of devastation from happening age. Two neighbourhood in particular in the Town of High River where completely bought out by the government and were to be restored to their natural forms. The neighbourhood of Wallaceville in the NW area of High River was to be completely demolished as there were no buildings that where salvageable, however the neighbourhood of Beachwood would be a different story. 


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  • A close-up view of a house with a modest-size front yard
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    Before & After


    This was a house that was located in SW Calgary that was set to be demolished in 2015. The house was to tall to move out of Calgary with the roof on, so part of the roof was cut off. The house was prepped and ready to be moved to it’s new location in the Town of Vulcan. McCann’s Building Movers then renovated the house, repaired the roof and got it ready to be sold.


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  • A 106-year old Banff Ice House is being moved on a trailer
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    Banff Ice House

    After a few days of figuring out exactly how this 106 year old Ice House was built, we where on the move. This building had 24″ walls and was built on a hollow pad. We moved it from the CP Rail yard to the home of the future Banff Museum.


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  • A large house is being moved after 3 years of the flood that devastated Southern Alberta in 2013
    30/01/2022 0 Comments
    2013 Flood House

    McCann’s Building Movers took on this rather large job in 2016 3 years after the floods that devastated Southern Alberta. This house was moved from a location East of Black Diamond to it’s new location just west Okotoks, AB. Due to weather delays this house was not moved until early 2017.


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  • A house-loaded trailer is moving while escorts lift power lines to make way
    29/01/2022 0 Comments

    Effects of Demolishing Structures

    Considering all the natural resources that are used to building new houses (fuel, lumber and other materials) it is significantly more environmentally friendly to relocate a building then to demolish and building new.


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  • A graphic image showing a group of houses placed on the human palm
    29/01/2022 0 Comments

    McCann’s Building Movers has been very fortunate to be able to work with many amazing people over the years and many of our customers continue to come back year after year with new projects they would like to under take. We would just like to say thank you to each and every one of you! Your business means a lot to us, thank you.


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