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At McCann’s Building Movers, we aim to prevent the demolition of perfectly sound structures and help them find new owners. Here we announce buildings for sale in Alberta. Our housing and commercial facilities can be hauled to any desired location.

Our crew takes care of the complete relocation process, obtains necessary permits and coordinates with utility companies. Our properties are in great condition and open for viewing free of charge. If you are interested in taking a tour of any of the sites listed below, please don’t hesitate to schedule with us or ask about prices. We don’t post any buildings that we do not own. If it's posted and doesn’t show C/S then it's available.

Check Out the Current Inventory of Buildings for Sale

We move our buildings to your desired location and also obtain the moving permits for a smooth relocation.


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Currently Available Buildings!

We can facilitate a tour of our available buildings and provide all the information you need.

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