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McCann’s Building Movers is your licensed and experienced contractor for building recycling, raising and structural moving services in Alberta. For over 65 years, we have served large and old homes, delivering time-efficient and quality results. With our up-to-date, well-maintained equipment and committed crew, we have helped homeowners and businesses safely relocate their existing properties, recycle old buildings and accurately elevate structures for foundation repairs.

Our team can also help you with historic preservations and protect your property against flood or recover from flood damage. We are committed to completing every project with care, attention to detail, and professionalism. Schedule a consultation today.

Our Services

Our goal is to deliver upon our promises and create a lasting service experience for every customer through end-to-end solutions and honest communication.

House and Building Relocation

Don’t want to say goodbye to your family or historic home? Or a natural occurrence might be threatening the safety of your business. McCann’s Building Movers has the knowledge and experience to transport your heaviest loads and valued investment to your desired new location. We use advanced equipment to safely complete every move while keeping damage minimal.

Property Lifting and Raising

You may need property lifting and raising to address structural issues, safety and engineering or construction concerns. McCann’s Building Movers employs proven techniques and technologies to jack up properties of all types and sizes. If you’re renovating your home’s structure, need to do foundational repairs, or safeguard your property against flood damage, building raising can benefit you.

A house is being lifted
A house with an attached garage

Building Deconstruction and Recycling

Recycling is not just for your day-to-day consumable goods. If you value sustainability, the reduce, reuse, and recycle rules also apply to buildings. McCann’s Building Movers can help you avoid home demolition and the cost involved. Save money, salvage valuable materials, and recycle rather than send everything to the landfills.

Why Hire McCann’s Building Movers?

Throughout the 65 years of service, McCann’s Building Movers has been at the forefront, handling diverse projects and making headlines for the same. Whether it is relocating a building, raising your property, or recycling an old property, we have always overcome the unique challenges of each project. Each phase is expertly planned before the team is mobilized. Our leadership team actively works for a smooth project flow securing support, addressing structural issues, maintaining relationships and meeting deadlines.

Move, Lift, Recycle

From preserving historic structures to moving large masonry buildings, we offer a full line of services to meet your needs.

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