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Nimmons Residence is being prepared for the move

One of Calgary’s oldest homes built in 1898 by William Nimmons, once a ranch named 3 D Bar Ranch, is being moved to make way for a redevelopment project. William Nimmons also owned Nimmons Brickworks & Nimmons Sandstone quarry in which the beautiful 123 year old brick/stone work came from. This two and half storey, Queen Anne Style landmark of Bankview was designated a Registered Historic Resource by the province in 1978. Coming in at a staggering 400,000+ lbs this beautiful home was moved within the property, in 3 separate stages, in order to build an 84 unit rental. The building will eventually be used as commercial space and be around for another 100+ years.



Stage 1, moved just slightly from the foundation.

Stage 3, May 11, 2021 – The beginning of the final move.

Slowly (very slowly) but surely the building is being pulled/pushed into its final resting place.

Almost there…….

We made it! Final location, we will be back in a few weeks to lower the building once the parkade has been completed.



6017-84 Street SE,

Calgary, AB T2C 4S1

F | 403-279-8526





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