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Are you looking to redo a few rooms or the entire house? Or perhaps it’s time for a whole roof upgrade. Demolition isn't the only option! Conscientious homeowners can salvage materials from their homes by taking advantage of our building recycling services in Alberta. At McCann’s Building Movers, you are in for a pleasant surprise as recycling a building is done for a very small charge or even free than demolishing the property or a part of it, which can cost over $10,000.

Our crew performs full and partial deconstruction. The salvage parts and materials can be reused while recycling the rest, including asphalt, roof shingles and debris. By choosing building recycling over demolition, you not only save time and hassle but also the environment by keeping tons of building materials out of landfills. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

Advantages of Recycling Your Building

Deconstruction and salvaging involve systematic disassembling of a house or any property and, in the process, recovering material that can be of value and be reused. Most deconstruction projects yield a variety of recyclable materials in significant amounts like wiring, concrete, yard debris, metal piping, metal studs, metal bracing and even clean wood. That’s why recycling a building can be free of charge for homeowners. Only those projects that involve a high operational cost may require homeowners to pay a small fee, which would still be much lower than the cost of demolition. You will also enjoy a number of advantages such as:

You save on the cost of disposing of debris after demolition.

You avoid transportation costs as we remove all materials from the job site.

You can obtain low-cost recycled materials instead of buying expensive material from the market or donate it to families or communities in need.

You reduce toxic gas emissions caused by the materials ending up in landfills and incinerators.

You avoid penalties for unsecured loads, littering and illegal dumping.

Recycle, Don’t Demolish!

Deconstructing and recycling your building is a green, cost-efficient alternative to demolishing it. 

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