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McCann’s Building Movers is Alberta’s trusted company that confidently and efficiently moves your oversized structures. As a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, we have relocated properties of the standard to irregular specifications throughout our 65 years of journey in the industry. We also specialize in lifting structures of all shapes and sizes and recycling buildings to keep reusable materials out of landfills.

We are ready with all the resources needed to move any large structure and ensure efficient project completion. This means licensing, cutting-edge equipment, a wealth of experience and highly-trained crews. Wondering how much our services might cost you? Take advantage of our site checks and estimates. In case you are interested in viewing our buildings for sale, you can schedule a tour without worrying about making deposits. Contact us for a one-on-one consultation today.

A trailer carrying a house drives through a crop field

Our History

Ronald McCann Sr. (known as “Doc”) started McCann’s Building Movers in 1965 under the name of R. McCann Building Movers. His sons Pat and Ron were involved in the business from the beginning, from the young age of 14 and 12. Their first job was to move the construction camp at Mannix’s Squaw Rapids Dam project in northern Saskatchewan. They started with an old army jeep and a few beams and dollies. Since then, it has been a steady climb uphill, sometimes extremely steep.

The company was incorporated in June of 1973 as “McCann’s Building Movers Ltd.” and continued to be operated as a family business with Doc and his wife Edith running the office and administration of the operation. By this time, Pat and Ron were supervising the field operations and the moving crews. In 1985, Doc and Edith’s daughter, Judy, stepped into Edith’s position, allowing Edith a much-deserved early retirement from the day-to-day administration of the business.

“Doc” was coming into the office 5 or 6 days a week up until a week before his passing, on June 15, 1996, at the age of 84. Unfortunately, Doc would not be able to see all of the changes that the future would bring. The company now runs two full-time crews with Pat’s sons, Pat Jr. and Dwayne, supervising the daily activities of the crews. Ron retired in May 2018 and passed away on January 7, 2021. Pat Sr. has taken on more of Doc’s administrative responsibilities along with the estimating and customer relations. Judy retired in 2020 and is currently loving her retired life.

Our Team

With our two full-time crews working twelve months of the year, we can handle any challenge or tasks in your property relocation, raising or building recycling projects.


Professional Affiliations and Our Memberships

BBB Accredited Business

Alberta Building Movers Association (ABMA)

International Association of Structural Movers


Nelson Homes – Moving RTM (Ready to Move) Homes.

Nelson Homes – Moving RTM (Ready to Move) Homes.

City of Calgary Contractors – Moving Portable Units.

Homes by AVI – 11 years of moving the stampede dream home and sales centres.

Government of Alberta and City of Calgary – Historical Building Relocation.

Photo Gallery

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McCann’s Building Movers Making Headlines

Historic Icebox Saved from Demolition

“Banff’s Tarchuk Construction oversaw the relocation, but McCann’s Building Movers actually moved the icebox.” 

Foothills Man Welcomes New Home

“Willi Craciun toured the 1,080-square-foot bungalow, worth about $30,000, which was donated by McCann’s Building Movers in Calgary, along with the cost of the moving permits, after the 65-year-old man lost his home to a fire last fall.”

Historic Mchugh House Hauled to New Location in Nearby Park

“A century-old home in Calgary started a new life at a new location Sunday.”

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