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Many unforeseen circumstances can force you to move away from your present location and out of your home or commercial building. You might be asked to vacate the land for new developments, need to escape a looming hazard, or simply are not happy with your surroundings but sentimental about your property. When moving your property is the practical way to go, choose McCann’s Building Movers for end-to-end house and building moving services in Alberta.

We have 65 years of experience moving historical, housing and commercial buildings of varying structure types, sizes, weights and styles. We can pick up your house, shop, office, classrooms or any structure you need moving and establish it onto the new foundation. We do all the planning to ensure safe and efficient relocation. If moving isn’t a suitable choice for you, our crew can help you recycle your building and reclaim material for your new construction. Give us a call today.

We Take Care of Your Building Move from Start to Finish

Lugging an entire building to somewhere else is no easy feat. That’s why days and months of careful planning goes into structural relocations. We make complete foundation-to-foundation moves, and the process involves obtaining the input of engineers and building surveyors. 

Our crew examines the structure, ascertains the support system’s design, and figures out its weight and load distribution. We also consult with local planning authorities, transportation authorities and other stakeholders (insurer and mortgage holder) before the move. Planning the route is the most critical step wherein we organize escorts and line crews to limit potential obstacles like other buildings, trees, traffic, and power lines.

We also make all the arrangements for securing moving permits and coordinate with state and local departments, including utilities, road traffic and law enforcement. Our crew is extremely patient and executes each step with utmost care and attention. 


Browse our photo gallery to learn how our experienced movers organize the relocation of properties of any size or structure.

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