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You want to expand your basement, add extra square footage, allow for foundation repair or prevent flood damage - there can be many reasons to lift your home. The next step is to get professional and safe house lifting services in Alberta. In McCann’s Building Movers, you will find a trusted house lifting and raising contractor with 65 years of experience in jacking up buildings of different designs, types, structures, weights and sizes. You can depend on our professional crew to add the right height to your property to meet your unique purpose.

Our team also coordinates with local authorities to obtain permits for your major home changes. We understand that house raisings aren’t always about preventing something. Matters like lowering your flood insurance payments can also encourage you to look into property lifting. Ready to talk about your project or have questions? Call us for a consultation today.

A close view of a large house

Proven Lifting Techniques and Equipment 

Many homeowners don’t think about raising their buildings unless necessary. The prospect of raising a building can be overwhelming when inevitable due to flooding or a collapsing foundation. Our crew at McCann’s Building Movers has the experience and training to make the process completely safe and as smooth as possible. 

Our advanced structural lifting equipment and proven techniques have been perfected over 65 years in the industry. This enables us to safely and securely lift your building while preventing serious exterior or interior damage. We can keep your house jacked up steadily for foundation replacement, additional floor construction, or any tasks necessary to sell your property or meet your lifestyle needs.

We Raise Your Structure Safely

Trust us to elevate your house or commercial property steadily to help you protect or improve it.

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