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The 2-storey Mammoth house is being moved in parts on two different trailers

After months and months of trying to get this beautiful 2 story house moved, multiple cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen issues couldn’t stop it. This stunning 2700 Sq.Ft 2 story was finally moved on January 23, 2020 at 12:01 AM to it’s new foundation about 10 Km away. With a width of 52 feet, length of 60 feet and height of 32 feet the huge 90 ton house was going to be moved come hell or high water.


This house move took approximately 14 hours from start to finish. Under the cover of darkness this house moved from its location on 77 Street SW, Calgary to The City of Calgary city limits. This portion on the move took about 3 hours and was approximately 6 KM. There were multiple utility companies on site to lower power/ utility lines so that the house could travel safely down the road. There was a total of 7 Street lights on 77 Street that had to be removed as the house was just to wide to fit between them. There was also a set of traffic lights that needed to be unbolted and completely taken down to allow the house to travel through the intersection without hitting the lights at this one locations as there was no opportunity to travel around them in anyway. The Calgary City Police Traffic unit was on site to escort the load as it had to travel down the wrong side of the road in multiple locations to avoid having to take even more traffic lights down, causing further delays.

Once the house reached the City limits it had to be parked for 4 hours (until 9:00 AM) on the side of the road to wait for Fortis Alberta (Utility Company) to come and measure the loads and escort them to there new foundation now only 4 Km away. Once Fortis arrived McCann’s Building Movers was ready to finish the move.

Once on the road McCann’s slowly made there way to the new site. There where some tight spots along the way but with the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned house mover this move when very smoothly.

Shorty after 4:00 PM on January 23, 2020 this house cruised into it’s new site. The crew called it a night and would return the following day to unload the house onto it’s new foundation.

This house and garage took a total of 2 days to unload at it’s new location. There was a sigh of a relief from all of us at McCann’s when this house was finally done and on it’s new foundation.

All and all this house took 3 days to load, months worth of planning and coordinating , 14 hours to move (Start to Finish), and 2 days to set down onto it’s new foundation. Which was well worth it when you get to see the faces of the new home owners when they see there dreams being delivered on the back of a truck.

We at McCann’s Building Movers would like to Thank The City of Calgary Traffic division, Signals, Enmax, Shaw, Can-Traffic, Enmax Power Services, Calgary Police Service, Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centres, Fortis AB, AltaLink and Rocky View County and everyone else involved for making this move happen. With the help of you roughly 60 trees (25 Ft long x 16 inches in diameter), which equals around 20 acres (14 football fields), that took 40 years to grow, where saved from the landfill.


Counter flow on 17th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Waiting for Fortis, AB at the edge of the City limits



6017-84 Street SE,

Calgary, AB T2C 4S1


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